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Why single member wards, Minister Somyurek?

Single member wards reduce diverse representation and support vested interests

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Without consultation, the Minister for Local Government has just introduced a recommendation that all Victorian Councils should move to single member wards "to ensure representation is genuinely local".

The Minister has overridden the VEC's position in the 2018 version of the Local Government Bill, which was for multi member wards. This is against the VEC's recommendation for Boroondara. 

This has caused wide concern:

  • Just seven of Victoria’s 79 councils now have single-member wards
  • Single member wards make it much harder to reflect the diverse character of a local community
  • Single member wards will are associated with a "democracy deficit" - less public consultation and debate on complex issues such as dangerous climate change
  • Single member wards will make it more difficult to for Boroondara and other Councils to act to protect citizens from the impacts of the climate crisis
  • Multi member wards increase diversity of representation making it easier to put the interests of ordinary residents first

Is this move really designed to advantage major party interests against Independents and Greens? 

Join others in taking action!
Please submit your response to Minister Somyurek in through this easy online form by this Wednesday 17th.
We encourage you to re write the submission text in your own words, this will greatly help your submission carry more weight. 
Because it is a formal submission the subject line must remain as 'Local Government Bill 2019' and you must include your address. Take ten minutes and pop in your submission today 

We would love your feedback, or part of your submission in the comments on this page too. Stay tuned for updates here as we follow through this critically important issue. We can't drop the ball on local government action, and that means protecting local government representation in Victoria in the coming months.

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