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Wow! Let's celebrate the huge growth in our Kooyong Votes Climate Campaign

Thanks to all your efforts climate is truly the number one issue in Kooyong!

As we can see from a millions of dollars over the top PR response and the massive amount of national attention (check our Press page for some highlights), the Kooyong Votes Climate campaign has really struck a nerve.  

We should be so proud of this historic collaborative campaign, with local groups working together, bringing in well over three hundred new volunteers. 

The challenge is what do we do now with all this gathering community networks and power. Join our planning day on Sunday June 9th, 1-5pm, Hawthorn Library, to help launch us straight into new powerful and exciting campaigns. 

Do you want to see strong climate action in Kooyong and help elect a climate champion?
At 2% Kooyong is on a knife edge. Volunteer with us on Polling Day, to bring this campaign home.

  • Sunday, June 09, 2019 at 01:00 PM · 2 rsvps
    Hawthorn Library in Hawthorn, Australia

    Campaign PowerUp

    Campaign PowerUp
    How amazing the last few months have been as we have campaigned to elect a climate champion in Kooyong. We certainly have made climate the focus of this election. Now is the time to capitalise the stunning growth of this historic collaboration. Let's take our momentum, and the hundreds of new volunteers and nearly a dozen new working groups and focus on what's next.

    It's time to celebrate, and listen to you and your ideas on how we can power up. The options are wide - a focus on the first 100 days, on making sure we move away from both coal and gas at a rapid pace, on local action possibilities.

    Join us for skill up break outs and your chance to contribute to action planning to move rapidly into the next phase of our powerful campaign.
    Nibbles, tea and coffee, and a warm welcome will be provided!

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