Kooyong Votes Climate Upcoming Events

Thanks to all your efforts climate is truly the number one issue in Kooyong.

Join in our new working groups and support our kids!

Working groups usually meet fortnightly, and have a combined working group meeting towards the end of the month

  • Help us elect climate Councillors and reduce local emissions. 
    Visit our Local Power page and tick the check boxes, or call Joy on 0419 989 590 or Nicholas on 0450 696 848.
  • Laying the groundwork for local Climate Emergency declarations.
    Visit on our Climate Emergency page, tick the climate emergency check box or call Len on 0412409855 or Sally on 0426 171 733, and join our team.
  • Now or never for the Galilee. Join our StopAdani Kooyong team as we ramp up our efforts to protect Australia from the threat of opening the fourth largest source of carbon on the planet - 29 billion tons.  Visit our StopAdani page to sign up. 
  • Help shape the clean energy transition.
    Projects including speaker training, industry liaison, forums, fact sheets and submissions. You are welcome to call David on 0405 506 275 or Ed on 0428 775 758.

Right now the our focus is also on the biggest climate mobilisation in history.
Greta Thunberg has called the world to strike for climate on September 20th.
Make sure you don't forget to RSVP to Melbourne's huge event from 2pm-4pm at Old Treasury.

Local climate groups are running climate strike support nights before the strike to ramp up numbers, and welcome events afterwards to support strong local climate action and celebrate new relationships with allies.

Come to our climate strike support events on September 4th and October 5th!

  • Wednesday, September 04, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 19 rsvps
    Hawthorn Library in Hawthorn, Australia

    Everyone needed: Climate Strike

    Come and find out how you can support the Global Climate Strike!

    Climate Strike Info Session Sep 4

    Every day we hear more bad news about our climate. Every day our kids' future is put at risk due to our love affair with fossil fuels, and a government that wants to open the floodgates to new coal, oil and gas projects.

    We are already hurting from the impacts of the climate crisis. To move quickly enough won't be easy - it will take all of us.

    The world is going on climate strike on September 20, three days out from the UN Emergency Climate Summit.

    Join our information session and hear from school strikers, unionists and climate allies.
    Learn how how we can all work together for climate solutions, and you can support our kids on September 20 by helping to ramp up strike numbers.

    It's time to support our kids. 

    Australia will help to kick things off. We turned out 150,000 on March 15th. Let's see if we can double that, and put our governments on notice.

    • 100% renewables by 2030
    • No new coal or gas including the Adani mine
    • A just transition workers including new green jobs

    Let’s do our bit to turn out thousands - we are aiming at 300,000 from Australia, 30 unions are onboard already - we can do this!

  • Saturday, October 05, 2019 at 05:00 PM
    Balwyn Library in Balwyn, Australia

    Working with Allies for a Green New Deal

    The global climate strike knocked your socks off. But the climate crisis is very worrying. How do we build our power?

    Working with Allies

    The huge turnout and strong sense of collaboration was inspiring. But our politicians and fossil corporations seem to have the future locked up. This is where we come together to forge new alliances and work out ways to accelerate change, because we must.

    We will listen to the school strikers, find out what they need, and what our allies can offer. Let's workshop a way forward.

    It's time for Victorians to lead in accelerating our energy transformation and creating thousands of good, well paying renewables jobs. It's time to listen to our vulnerable communities and our young people who are crying out for climate justice. Its time to get moving and get strong.

    Join us for this inspiring workshop with school strikers and climate allies to reshape our future and build power.

    5-8pm, Balwyn Library, 336 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn

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