Support Local Climate Action

Local climate action is powerful

Last October local volunteers began a petition calling for emergency speed climate action in Boroondara.

Discussing climate emergency with A frame

Local residents have been signing up to support a local Climate Emergency Declaration, putting pressure on Council to join neighbouring municipalities and create plans to drop emissions, support solar and act on climate at emergency speed. 

Phase one is complete - 3900 signatures have been handed into Council

Thanks so much to Lynn, Tam, Alex and Julia and so many local volunteers. Over 3,900 signatures were presented to Council on 17 March 2020. Group members have also met with more than half of the Boroondara councillors so far, as well as responsible officers from the City of Boroondara to discuss the benefits of a faster approach on climate.

Boroondara Climate Action Plan

The petition and consultation process will also help support locking in faster climate action in the upcoming Boroondara Climate Action Plan consultation, a once in a decade opportunity for local residents to influence how Council spend ratepayer funds and sets climate targets.

It's time to have your say 

A simple email is all that is needed to join the Boroondara Climate Action Plan consultation process - here is a sample one:


Please put me on the list of people who want to be kept informed about the new Climate Action Plan consultation.
Thank you.

Kind regards,

Register your interest in the upcoming Boroondara campaign 

Local government is really important in critical areas to emissions reduction:

  • Green spaces
  • Public transport and support for active transport
  • Protection from immediate climate health impacts
  • Support for solar across the whole municipality
  • Support for energy efficiency retrofits for comfortable housing
  • Waste
  • Fiscal responsibility

We want to see a climate active Council elected in October 2020 and we need your help to achieve this.

Sign up here for our ongoing and upcoming local government campaigns.

  • We are lobbying for effective local climate action right now.
  • Let's work together to help elect Councillors to support a rapid clean energy transition, low carbon transport, improve green spaces and support the implementation of an effective climate crisis action plan.

Support our campaign financially
Our group is in the process of hitching up our account to this website. At present you can ring Lynn on 0425 843 685 or email her on if you would like more information.